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Amego update

The Amego vocabulary has an update. The new version is now compatible with Skype 8. In addition, you also have the option of the five row AEIOU keyboard.

What’s Amego about? 
* Optimal for literate users.
* Communicate directly and remotely via social media by using the virtual keyboard.
* You have standard access to all popular Apps like e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Windows Office, Kindle and many more.
* As a user, you can modify the setup of Amego yourself. Do you want to have WhatsApp, Youtube or Kindle on your start page? Go to “Settings” and “Modify start page”.
* Do you want to control your computer outside of Mind Express? Simply switch to Windows control.

Amego is a free Mind Express file and can be downloaded on the Mind Express website.