Allora 2 info

The Allora is a keyboard and switch accessible, text to speech, communication device. It is designed to meet the needs of people that are literate, who have reduced or little ability to speak and whose motor skills require a device that can adapt to change but maintain access for the user.

Look me in the eye when you are talking to me!
The clear multi line second display can be detached and worn by the user, or placed in places that allow the conversation partner to clearly hear what the device user has to say. The display can be worn on a lanyard around the neck keeping the focus on the user and not on the device!

To switch or not to switch? You choose!
The Allora provides a multi access approach to using the device via keyboard and switch (one or two switch access). Just plug in a switch or two and the device display changes to allow for switch access. You can use the keyboard whenever you want to. Want to scan again? All you have to do is tap the switch and away you go!

This is my voice!
The Allora provides a selection of voices from Nuance and Acapela allowing the device user to find the best fitting voice for them.

Are you getting the message... quickly?
The Allora is designed to help you to get your message formulated and delivered quickly with a minimum of key strokes. Using abbreviation expansions, word or phrase prediction and the recall of stored messages at the touch of a button you will get your message out quickly.

Small device, big sound!
The Allora has two front facing speakers which are loud and clear. The detachable 2nd display even has speakers! Whether you want people to hear you from the device or from the detachable display the choice is yours. What is for certain is that you will be clearly heard.

Added to this, the device can digitally record up to three hours of sound using itís internal microphone. If you want to use a verbal emoticon, a recorded phrase or a striking sound, to gain attention, it can easily be done.

Let me read this to you...
Whether you are at school, college or work, sometimes you will need to write lengthy amounts of text that may need to be read out loud. You might want to prepare that text on a PC and then transfer it to the Allora to read it out. You might want to write a note whilst you are out and about with your Allora, which you might then want to edit on a PC. Using a memory stick and the simple user Allora interface, this is no problem.

Keep talking with confidence!
Using the battery capacity and the energy saving initiatives designed into the device, you will have more than enough battery life to get you through the day with confidence with an overnight charge.

Easy maintenance.
The Allora is robust and designed to be with you for as long as you need it. A device like this gets the most dirt collecting on the keyboard. The rubberised keyboard mat is resistant to spills and dirt and is easily cleaned with a soapy cloth. The rubberised edges of the device will withstand knocks and scrapes.

If you need to back up and restore the device then this is easily done using a memory stick. If you want the latest software upgrade for the device then this can be done without having to send the device back. Just download the upgrade onto a memory stick and plug it into the device.

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