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The alternative on-screen keyboard

The keyboard that only exists on your screen
KeyVit is a virtual keyboard displayed on-screen. Choose the keys and functions via mouse, trackball, joystick or by scanning. KeyVit moves the mouse cursor over your screen in exactly the same way. Without a traditional keyboard or mouse, KeyVit can launch a program, browse the Internet, email, enter text or draw.

All the functions of a keyboard ...
Use the KeyVit software keyboard just like an ordinary keyboard. Type text in all your favorite programs: word processing, email, chat, data entry in databases and spreadsheets, ...

... and a lot more!
Unlike an ordinary keyboard, one key in KeyVit can do more than just put one letter or number on the screen. It can open a program, display a complete sentence, open another keyboard, and launch environmental control. By assigning macros to keys, only one keypress or one movement is needed to launch an entire mini-process!

An alternative mouse
KeyVit is also an alternative mouse. KeyVit can move the mouse cursor to every corner of the screen with its scanning options. KeyVit can left or right-click, double-click and drag. Head tracking is also possible with the built in dwell control, both in KeyVit and in Windows. There is no need to buy additional dwelling/cursor software.

Use the KeyVit keyboard wizard to create a custom keyboard. This simple wizard allows one to fully customize their keyboard including the number of keys, the colors and the actions for each key.

Use the WoodPecker, a small USB device, to link a joystick or switch(es) to KeyVit.