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A talking word processor
For anyone who is not able to speak or who has bad eyesight, DocReader will prove to be a powerful tool. The advanced text-to-speech system of this talking word processor takes communication options to the next level. DocReader incorporates a pleasant, clear voice for reading texts out loud.

So much more than word processing
Use DocReader for opening, editing, saving, printing, cutting, pasting, copying, aligning text, or changing the font and color. DocReader is a complete word processor with a number of additional advantages. A pleasant voice enunciates every digital text, loud and clear, sentence by sentence, word by word, or even letter by letter. Listen to texts how, where and when you want The volume and speed of the voice are adjustable. Documents can be saved as a sound file (WAV or MP3) and listened to wherever and whenever one decides.

Read, reread and read aloud
When typing a text, DocReader can read what is being typed: after each character, after each word, after each sentence or after each Enter. DocReader can also read what is being typed in other programs.

It is very easy to combine with other programs
DocTool is a small toolbar that enables text in other programs such as Internet Explorer or an e-mail to be spoken.