Mobi 2

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The communication device that elegantly combines mobility and performance.
The Mobi was our first communication device with an integrated mobile phone. The brand new Mobi 2 adds even more performance and options to this winning concept. Standard features include Mind Express 4, making the Mobi a total solution that allows users to communicate via text or symbols – directly from person to person, via the Internet or by phone.

Power and Design
A bright 12” touch screen has been given a sleek design that complements this remarkably compact device. Inside is an Intel Atom processor providing long battery life and quick communication with Mind Express 4. It’s Solid State design includes no moving parts, minimizing damage from life’s daily bumps. The device comes with Windows 7 Pro installed and ready to use with other software applications.

The Mobi 2 standard battery provides sufficient power for a whole day. Intensive users should choose a battery with a larger capacity.

Access Methods
Access the Mobi 2 by finger touch, 1 or 2 switches, head tracking or eye tracking technology.

Integrated GEWA module
With the built-in infra-red GEWA module for environmental control, one can switch on the TV, check the lighting or open the front door. 


Processor AtomTM Intel ® processor, 80 GByte SSD
Display 12” XGA LED resistive touch screen (1024 x 768)
Audio Integrated stereo speakers with audio amplification, microphone
Software Windows 7 Pro 32 bit with Mind Express
speech output RealSpeak (Nuance) ot BrightSpeech (Acapela)
I/O 2x USB ports, 2 switch inputs for scanning
Weight 3.9 lbs or 1.75 kg - 1.85 kg (with higher capacity battery)
Autonomy 7 - 10 hours (the autonomy depends on the intensity of use and settings of the device)
Colors Casing: white, black ot combined | Table stand: white, black, blue or green

Useful options

The Mobi can be supplied with an optional built-in mobile phone. This option allows a user to call or text using their Mobi 2.

The optional integrated camera can be operated with Mind Express 4. 

Key guards
Standard or custom made.

WLAN and Bluetooth
Optimal connectivity.


Manual Mobi 2

Handbuch Mobi 2 (Deutsch)