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The keyboard that talks
Allora is a simple text-based communication tool. Just type a message on the handy abc, qwerty or azerty keyboard, and the Allora will speak what is written in a clear and natural voice.

Different languages and additional sounds
The Allora is available in several languages. To attract someones attention, animate conversations or express emotions, the voice function can be enhanced with additional sounds such as a yawn, sigh, laugh or applause.

The Allora has a waterproof keyboard made of plastic, with regular size keys and a soft keystroke. The actuation and travel time of the keystroke is adjustable to prevent accidental or unnecessary keystrokes. The LCD display consists of 2 lines of 40 characters each. The first line contains the written message, and the second line displays the word prediction.

Faster communication with intelligent word prediction
Under the typed text, a list of words is displayed, beginning with the letter(s) that have already been typed. If required, just choose a word from the list. After a word is selected, the Allora immediately predicts the next possible words. Result: reduce your keystrokes by more than 50% and thus communicate a lot faster.

Pre-programmable messages
With the Allora you can pre-program more than 100 messages. Messages can be stored through abbreviations or linked directly to a key making for easy and quick retrieval.


KeyboardAzerty, qwerty and abc keyboards available
DisplayLCD, two lines of 40 characters each
AudioIntegrated stereo speakers and audio amplification
SoftwareAllora tools (PC Software)
Speech outputRealSpeak (Nuance) or BrightSpeech (Acapela)
I/OUSB PC connection for downloading updates via Allora Tools
BatteryWith average use, the device can be used for a whole day
Weight2.2 lbs or 1 kg
ColorsBlack, dark grey or light grey

Useful options

Environmental controls
With the optional GEWA environmental controls, a user can operate the TV, DVD player, the front door, ...

Key Guard
A key guard can be mounted over the Allora keyboard with screws.


Manual Allora

Handbuch Allora (Deutsch)

Manuale Allora (Italiano)