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We develop augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools. Everyone’s personality and freedom starts with the ability to say what they want, feel and think. We all have a voice. Unfortunately, speaking is not such an easy task for everyone. At Jabbla, we are committed to providing solutions for those who cannot express themselves, or who have difficulty expressing themselves.

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The communication device is already a great success. Lukas couldn't believe his luck when he saw the "chat computer". He immediately started exploring. Meanwhile, he already finds all the words and pictures, unbelievable. It is a great pleasure to see Lukas so happy.

Mother of Lucas

Communicate independently with Mind Express

Our Mind Express communication software makes life a lot easier for children, young people and adults who can’t speak. With Mind Express, you can communicate at the existing language level, but it also stimulates further language development. The possibilities of Mind Express are more extensive than face-to-face communication. Just think of sending/receiving text messages, calling, emailing, social media or even connecting to home automation applications.

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More freedom with your communication device

We specialise in augmentative tools in the field of speech technology and always make the needs of our users our starting point. You can adapt our communication devices based on your needs and wishes. Access your device by using touchscreen, mouse, joystick, switches (one, two or even more) or head tracking or eye tracking.

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Tips to maintain your device

Making new pagesets, new PODD files and tips to maintain your device

Posted on Wednesday November 18, 2020

Much has already been said and written about corona this year. There is no doubt that we need to become more flexible with our actions. Adapted holidays, postponed projects, online meetings, … Although there’s a lot of adjustments, sometimes we gain time! Maybe you now have room in your busy schedule to finally start this […]

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Health in Mind Express 5.

October is AAC month: 4 free pagesets about difficult topics

Posted on Monday October 5, 2020

October is awareness month for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Talking is not a given for everyone. The more possibilities and tools there are to communicate, the better. Especially when it comes to difficult topics. It is often vital to be able to discuss hard-to-talk-about or less obvious topics. That’s why we made 4 themed pagesets […]

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User with Mind Express 5 on Vibe.

Mind Express 5

Posted on Tuesday September 15, 2020

Mind Express 5 has been through a profound change where the power of Mind Express 4 has been combined with an intuitive design. Its focus is on user-friendliness. Want to have a taste of the look and feel? Check out our video below!   Despite the difficult times, we hope that an easily accessible communication […]

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