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The gift of speech. Everyone’s personality and freedom starts with the ability to say what they want, feel and think. We all have a voice. Unfortunately, speaking is not such an easy task for everyone. At Jabbla, we are committed to providing solutions for those who cannot express themselves, or who have difficulty expressing themselves. We specialise in augmentative tools in the field of speech technology and always make the needs of our users our starting point. They are our inspiration and we will go to extremes to get it right. With our tools, we want to forge a bridge between the user and his/her environment.

Our technology was preceded by a great deal of research and testing, and by integrating suggestions and user experiences, our products can continue to evolve, reinforcing our focus on language development. Together with language experts and university scientists, we are digitally shaping the latest communication strategies. This makes it possible for us to offer ready-made solutions.

The history of our technology dates back to 1984. At Ghent University, the first voice computer was developed for 20-year-old Marleen. As a step towards more self-reliance, her parents wanted her to be able to communicate independently. Thanks to the BLISS voice, her first communication device, this has become a reality.

In the years that followed, requests for customised communication devices rapidly followed. In order to be able to continue to respond to this demand, Mind Express software was developed. The combination of communication software and a communication device has resulted in enormous progress for many.

In 2004, we were asked whether our communication technology could also be used for people with dyslexia. In order to focus the reading software on spelling and writing problems, we entered into close partnership with Eureka Onderwijs. Eureka is an expert in the field of learning disorders, and this has led to the development of SprintPlus.
More than a decade later, the focus still remains on our users.

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