Tellus i5

A fully-fledged computer that you can operate with your eyes? The Tellus i5 is an all-in-one solution if you want to communicate with your eyes, work on a computer and control your environment (turn on your television, open doors, etc.).

This communication device has a Windows 10 operating system as standard. Therefore you can work with different software programs simultaneously and get the most from Mind Express. For example, Amego and SCORE work flawlessly on the Tellus i5. This means you can always use the latest solutions in the field of language development. It makes it possible to communicate with the people around you, but also remotely by text messaging (some smartphones may not be suitable), telephone or WhatsApp. Do you prefer to watch movies, play games or listen to music? You can do it all with the Tellus i5.

Tellus i5 with Amego sentence predictor.

Dedicated to eye tracking

All-in-one solution for eye trackers.

Robust and powerful

Access different programs at the same time using eye tracking.

Modern look

Streamlined and durable.

The Tellus i5 integrates eye tracking in a streamlined and durable unit. Its sleek look is not only attractive, but also makes it more robust. The operating options on the communication device are versatile. You can conveniently switch from or to switches, head controls, throughout the day, … The eye monitor allows you to include a rest for your eyes. And it’s easy to wake up the Tellus i5 from sleep mode using EyeTech eye tracking (this is not possible with the Tellus i5 with integrated Tobii PCEye Mini). This is the smart way to use the battery and for you to gain more autonomy.

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Combine Tellus i5 with Amego

  • Integrated
  • Don't settle for lesser design
  • For every taste
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Tellus i5 in detail

  • Dimensions height 26.5 cm / 10.4 in
  • Dimensions width 33 cm / 13 in
  • Dimensions depth 2 - 3.8 cm / 0.8 - 1.5 in
  • Calling (via external smartphone) yes
  • Text messaging (via external Android phone) yes
  • Internet yes
  • Environmental control Optional
  • Webcam front yes
  • Camera back no
  • Control Touchscreen
    (adapted) Mouse
    1 or 2 switches (scan)
    Head control
    Eye tracking
  • Included Webcam
    Windows 10
    Mind Express software
    Eye tracking
  • Optional Control for home automation
    Internal mobile phone for calling and text messaging
    Customised keyguard
    Hey_ or Eddy (second display)
  • Versions Choose your eye tracker: EyeTech or PCEye Mini
  • Manual