How to buy

We all have a voice, everyone has something to say. However, some people need appropriate aid for this. Figuring out which voice computer, which software, which controls, and which communication cards are best for you to use, is something you need to test. You can use Mind Express for free for 2 months, download the free demo.

Thanks to our network of sales partners, you can get to know our devices in practice. Contact your local partner. They will answer your questions and advise you on which solution suits you best.


How do you find out which communication device fits you best?

  1. An assessment starts with recognising a communicative need. This can be noticed at home, in the classroom, at work or during rehabilitation.
  2. Did you determine a care need? It’s only then that you can start looking for a possible solution. Together with your family, friends and therapist(s), you can determine which wishes and needs exist. Identify talents, strengths and limitations.
    Discuss and see which cognitive and motoric possibilities are present. Evaluate which solutions are possible in the field of technology and communication strategies. This determines which options you will exclude and which ones you will try on.
  3. Depending on the country in which you live, you can contact a partner: therapist, health insurance fund, insuring company… They have a view of the market and the possible supporting AAC tools. They can help you with the decision to test out certain aids or refer you if necessary.
  4. Based on your experience with the different tools you can make your own choice. Which solution suits you best?
  5. Depending on your location of residence, you are entitled to financial assistance. Make a strong request for financing, including your user experiences. The more you can substantiate your choice for a certain tool, the better.

Contact your nearest reseller