Our Mind Express communication software makes communicating possible. Depending on your needs and talents, you can use Mind Express for sending/receiving text messages, calling, emailing, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media or even connecting to home automation applications ) such as turning on the television, opening the door, switching on the lights, etc.

Mind Express has been developed so that everyone can work with it independently. This creates a confidence boost and also stimulates creativity and further development.

Smiling girl with a Tellus 5.

The gift of speech

Mind Express communication software makes communicating possible even for those who cannot express themselves (conditions like autism, Down syndrome, aphasia, ALS, cerebral palsy, etc.). Mind Express has been developed so that everyone can work with it independently. The software can also control home automation and other Apps.

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How does Mind Express work?

You select cells that contain images and/or symbols, which the program then uses to build words and sentences. “Apple”, “Doctor”, “I want to say something” or “I like you!” are some of the countless speech options that are spoken in a clear voice. In addition to this visual communication with icons, there is also the option of written communication using a digital keyboard. Or you can combine both types of communication. A myriad of options!

Our website also contains a large number of ready-to-use communication page sets and exercises. You can use an existing file, modify it or create one yourself. You will find the following file types:

  • Practical page sets to communicate (communication boards)
  • Various language, arithmetic, reading and writing exercises to stimulate language development, among other things.
  • Games such as (customisable) memory training games, Tetris, Four in a row…

Thanks to the wide range of uses for Mind Express, you can use the program for daily communication or as a therapeutic and educational tool.


Communication starts with your narrative

Apart from the fact that Mind Express is a complete and comprehensive package, its greatest asset is that it’s customizable. You can personalise it to find everything around you: friends, family, favorite restaurant, etc. Add your own personal drawings, photos and new symbols or have your friends, family or companions say something. A breath of fresh air.

Additionaly, Mind Express is fitted with every control option. There is a vast number of possibilities whether you use the touchscreen, mouse, joystick, switches (one, two or even more) or head tracking or eye tracking. You can even set the sensitivity of the selection to suit the user. As a result, the selection will not be influenced by unintentional movements.

More independence for greater confidence

Mind Express 4 revolves around independence. An important pillar in this is the ability to control devices in your environment, i.e. home automation. With Mind Express you can switch lights on and off, turn on the television, adjust the radio’s volume, open doors and so on. The independence obtained, will then boost self-confidence. Dimi, our Tellus dj, testifies.

Dimi has been using the Tellus 5 for many years, fitted to his wheelchair. He uses a letter card with adjustable word prediction, to make communication efficient. He can say what he wants, when he wants to and to whoever he wants. It is easy for him to send an email or text message to friends, post Facebook messages or talk face-to-face with his parents. The Tellus 5 opens many doors for him, literally and figuratively.

Dimi can go where he wants. Thanks to his communication device, he has a huge degree of independence. He can operate the lights, open and close the doors and the garden gate, etc. He can be home alone, his parents know that he can go outside and get back inside again. He can also go out on his own. A few years ago, Dimi’s wheelchair had a flat tire while he was out and about. He was able to send his parents a text message for help via his Tellus 5, and so his parents were able to fix it.

It’s good to see what Tellus 5 has done for the entrepreneurial Dimi. For example, every week he visits the local retirement home to perform. Unlike other DJs, he doesn’t use turntables or records for this purpose. Using Mind Express, he has transformed his Tellus 5 into his own turntable. He has a lot of music saved on it and thanks to preprogrammed buttons it is easy for him to play back the music. Fantastic to see how Dimi and his loyal audience have something to look forward to every time.

What makes Mind Express so unique?

Creating communication boards and personalising them is quite a job. It takes up a lot of time and often the card remains rather limited. This may keep you communicating at the same language level. This is an advance in itself, but by offering a higher language level, language development can be stimulated even more. Mind Express not only wants to provide support, but also provide the tools to stimulate progress.

Speech therapists (SLT’s) and universities are already conducting a great deal of research in the field of language development. Through close collaboration, Jabbla is uniquely positioned to digitally shape the latest ground-breaking strategies into ready-to-use Mind Express page sets such as Amego, PODD and SCORE.

Reading and understanding

Reading and writing are possible as long as appropriate guidance is provided? SprintPlus is our software package for children, young people and adults with reading and learning disabilities. SprintPlus can read out text and it can also help understand text.

Word or pdf text files, schoolbooks, Facebook messages, online newspaper articles or an email you’re typing, SprintPlus will read them all out loud. Click on a word or select the text you want to hear. This saves energy in deciphering a text, so you can fully concentrate on the content.

What if you come across a difficult word? SprintPlus will show an explanatory illustration. An image sometimes says more than words.

SprintPlus is also a great help when it comes to writing. If you are in doubt about a word, it’s easy to look it up. Another great help with writing is Skippy, the word predictor. While writing, Skippy will make suggestions. This reduces the number of keystrokes and enables you to process your message much quicker. Skippy can also recognise and correct words that are used incorrectly in your sentences.

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