Frequently asked questions

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Add voices

Mind Express supports Vocalizer and Acapela. If you want to add a voice, for example a children’s voice or a foreign language, it is possible. Check out our voices page and follow the instructions. […]

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Email in Mind Express 4

We recommend setting up a new mailbox for every new user using Gmail. In case you would like to use an existing mailbox, please note that Mind Express 4 supports the POP protocol only.  By default the POP protocol will remove the email from the mail server once the mail has been downloaded to Mind […]

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Zingui 1 computer connection

The Zingui 1 connects to any Windows 7/8/10 computer using Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC).  For Windows 8/10, additional actions are necessary to complete the WMDC installation. Follow the steps below to install WMDC on your system.   New installation: First install WMDC on your computer.  Depending on your system, download either the 32-bit version […]

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